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About Goda Hopp

Goda Hopp is a small a capella group with currently seven members, four ladies and three gentlemen. The ensemble began singing together in 1991, but not all the current members were part of the original constellation. The place of residence for Goda Hopp is Varberg, och the name Goda Hopp comes from one of the many beaches in Varberg, the gentlemen's nude bathing-place (no, there are no nude bathing-places for both men and women).

What do we sing?

We have sung music from a lot of genres, jazz, folk music, pop, ballads, you name it... The lion part of our repertory is a capella, but we have also made concerts together with Varbergs Storband, (the ABBA concerts, Glenn Miller theme concerts and the Beatles concerts) and a folk music concert together with the musician (fiddler) Hans Kennemark. Currently we have about 50 a capella songs in our repertory.

As an example of the Glenn Miller concert, here is a one minute excerpt of 'People like you and me' , size 646 kB.

And if you want to hear some more, here are some pieces from our CD 'Bara röster', released 1999, and from 'Goda Hopp sjunger Elvis', released 2007 :

Badhustrall Lady Madonna Perfidia Always on my mind

We have added some of our other records on Spotify:

Where do we sing?

Usually we make a handful of concerts each year. We also entertain on parties and conferences.

If you want to get in contact with us...

you reach us by e-mail to Erika.

You can see us on Facebook:
Vokalensemblen Goda Hopp


Here we are!

This photo of Goda Hopp is taken in October 1999, on Goda Hopp, one of the many baths in Varberg. In the background is Varbergs castle, built in the 13th century.
  Malin Göran Annika Bernt Magnus Erika AnnaLena  

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